It’s 3:41am and now that I am having trouble sleeping I think is the best time to reflect a bit on my trip so far.

I arrived in Chile yesterday morning and honestly felt like I was still in the New York City for most of the day. The cities are busy with people, there are buses, groceries, restuarants, everything.. although most places you must walk to because there aren’t as many metro stations. Providencia, the pueblo I’m staying in is a lot more modern than I expected and that is probably while I feel like I am still in the states, but I know as I keep traveling my perspective will change.

The trains here during rush hour might be worse than NYC, when traveling we had to let the trains pass and the one we finally got on we had to all push and shove our way through (like true New Yorkers do, and apparently Chileans as well).

Tomorrow is New Years Eve and we plan to go see one of the most beautiful sights in this continent. I’m excited and hope the traveling works out, regardless I know New Years will be quite the experience.

Although I have a million more things I can talk about it’s 4am and I have to get up for class in less than 4 hours so I think it’s time I get some rest. I just thought I should introduce everyone to my Chilean journey. Stay tuned for the adventures. Chao


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