I’ve mentioned this before but the most disappointing part of this trip and of everything I’ve seen is how easily the youth can ruin the beautiful artwork/sculpture with graffiti. Before arriving at Valparaíso there were various times when I strayed away from taking a picture of something beautiful because of the graffiti tag scribbled over it. I wasn’t considering making a post about it until I went to see one of the things I was looking forward to, a well known piece in Valparaíso. The picture on the left is what I expected to see and the one next to it was reality, disappointed is an understatement. I found out that the stairs had the art removed because kids would constantly ruin it with graffiti and that they were considering repainting them but it hadn’t been done yet. I have no problems with people expressing themselves but to ruin artwork to do so or to look cool is just sad. I hope the art can be reinstated and maintained.


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