January 2nd, 9:54PM

Saturday, January 2nd at 9:54PM, it finally hit me. As I was sitting outside playing and conversing with the kids who live with me it finally hit me; I’m in Dakar, Senegal. As I said when I started this blog I couldn’t believe I was really coming here and although I still can’t believe I was really able to make it happen the fact that I’m here living what was a dream for so long has hit me full force.

I’ve been here for such a short amount of time but I already have so many amazing things to share. I’ve made sure to make the most of every day even when it’s a day I don’t do much. I’m in the mindset of trying to do everything available because I don’t know when I’ll have the opportunity to come back to Dakar and experience these things again.

It’s been a bit more difficult than I expected to post for several reasons. First off, although I do have wifi sometimes it better than others so posting pictures is always difficult and sometimes I have nights like tonight when I have no wifi at all. Also, I’ve been immersing myself and enjoying the moments so much I haven’t even been thinking about sitting and writing to reflect a bit on my trip the way I usually like to do; I’m barely home and when I am home I try to spend as much as my time as possible talking to and sitting with my family (I adore them)! However, with that said I know there are certain things I want to be able to share with everyone and let out of my own system so I will continue to post whenever I do have a chance, pictures might come a bit less often than I’d like.


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