Creepy Crawlers

One of the hardest adjustments for me which I don’t think I fully adjusted to while in Senegal were the amount of insects EVERYWHERE. There were all kinds, ants, roaches, mosquitos, etc. 

My biggest problems were the amount of flies on everything! In rooms, outside, on meat, on food…everything. Even on the meat that was being sold, I would just think about the fact that my mother would walk out of a butcher shop if she saw just one fly when I was younger and here I was in Senegal where all the meat was sold open and had millions of flies swarming over it. 

The next time I travel to Senegal I’m going packed with fly traps because the crawling on my skin was way too irritating. The Senegalese of course are a lot more used to it and more often than not seemed completely unbothered by it. 

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