A Series of Unfortunate Events

Last night I arrived in Sydney and it’s been great since (more detailed posts soon to come). However, this morning I woke up to rain outside my window.

While waiting for the bus I thought I left my card for the metro at the hostel so I ran back only to find the card already in my bag.

After finally figuring out which direction I was taking the bus the bus driver kept driving and we had to run to the next stop and barely caught it. The worst part is the driver looked straight at me as I was walking towards the bus doors and he didn’t even try stopping. Once we got on the driver was extremely rude (I think that happens a lot here) and told us he does not stop unless he’s signaled to do so and the only reason he stopped there was because someone was getting out, I guess they don’t take into account foreigners who don’t know how the system works.

Then as we’re waiting for the train to go to The Blue Mountains we’re informed someone was struck by a train which caused delays and we had to reroute our trip.

Although the morning might have been a series of unfortunate events I’m determined to make the day that of fortunate ones. The trip to The Blue Mountains is about two hours but everyone raves about it being well worth it and it’ll be my first hike in Australia so I’m very excited for what’s to come.


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