First Night – Sydney

The first night I arrived in Sydney I was extremely exhausted, it was almost 10 pm and I had been up since about 4AM, so I took a nap. When I woke up I really wanted to go to the 360 Bar and Dining but unfortunately when Lilly and I arrived it was closed.

I wasn’t too surprised because many people informed me places close earlier and Australians go to bed much earlier, so Lilly suggested we try going to the Opera Bar. When we arrived I couldn’t believe it, I was really standing in front of the Opera House, one of the most iconic buildings in Australia. By default I needed to be a tourist and have Lilly take a photograph to capture the moment.

The bar was nice, we were able to sit outside and enjoy the view of the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Lilly and I spoke about what brought us both to Sydney and to Australia in general. I told her a bit about what I hoped to do over the weekend and they happened to be things she was also hoping to do before leaving. At the bar we not got a Sydney Sling, a mix of fresh lime, mint, bitters, soda, west winds sabre gin and pomegranate, it was quite delicious but by the time we wanted a second drink it was 1:02am and the bar had just closed.

We had just missed the last train to Kings Cross and decided we should take the next bus like neither of us had any idea when the last one would be passing. We were also planning to be up at around 6 am to head to The Blue Mountains so we simultaneously decided to call it a night. The buses are similar to those in NY, the main differences I saw were that instead of “stop requested” the sign lights up saying “bus stopping” and when using an Opal, Sydney’s form of a metro card, you pass when you get on the bus and off and there are cameras in the bus with a monitor switching between the three.

We arrived back at the room at around 2/2:30AM, to get just about 4 hours of sleep…


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