Lilly – Syndey

Once I arrived in Sydney I took the train to my hostel, Funk House, when I arrived in the room the 3 other girls seemed reserved, very to themselves. I had only been in a hostel once before, when I had traveled to Valparaiso in Chile, and I knew everyone else staying there so I was a bit nervous about how things would be this time around. The girls in the room didn’t seem to be much conversationalist and right when I woke up from my nap one of the girls turned off the light thinking I was having difficulty sleeping. And this is how I met Lilly.

Lilly is a 24 year old from Malta (not the popular Goya drink), a small European island under Italy and right above the North African coast often times not spotted on a map. She’s traveled to quite a few places living a year in London, a bit in Hungary, visiting Caribbean islands and now being in Australia for the past 5 months.

When she went to turn off the light I actually told her I was just about to get up to head out and invited her to come with me. Lilly said yes with no hesitation and the rest was history. We ended up spending most of my weekend in Sydney together and were able to do a lot of great things together. We got to know a good amount of things about each other in a short period of time (and I also had a photographer when I wanted a nice picture).

It was interesting spending time together, we could immediately tell in some ways we were very different (as will show in future entries) but certain things in Sydney I don’t think would’ve been as amazing if I wasn’t sharing the experiences with someone, even if just 24 hours before she was a total stranger.

It’s crazy to think that when you travel there are so many people you encounter that you might never come across again and meeting Lilly really made me think about this more, even in trips I’ve made abroad in the past. I wish Lilly the best of luck in the rest of her travels through Australia and I hope she finds all that she is longing for in this trip.


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