The Blue Mountains – Sydney

On Saturday, Lilly and I woke up at about 5AM to be able to catch the earliest transportation to The Blue Mountains. It would be about a 2.5 hour commute but everyone raves of its beauties so we both knew it was something we had to check out.

Unfortunately, there were several delays with the train but we still arrived in good time. First we walked around a festival that was happening for a few hours, we watched the parade and then we went on to hike the mountain.

We started the journey at Echo Point, it’s a great place for a view of the mountains, and a beautiful view it is. After admiring the view for some time and listening to the wonderful sounds of nature Lilly and I proceeded to the “Three Sisters”, three rocks all lined up that look nothing like people but an Aboriginal legend says that the rock formation were three sisters that were turned to stone. The Three Sisters colors change with different positions of the sun and the night sky.

I was hoping for a closer look at Three Sisters so I kept going down the stairs. As we got further down I started seeing people panting on the way up and telling me I wasn’t even halfway there; Lilly got nervous and screamed out my name. I stopped and waited for her to catch up and she started questioning where I was trying to go, I quickly let her know there was no way I was going that far and not finding out what was at the bottom of the stairs. After walking all the way to the bottom we realized we had walked The Giant Stairs, it was definitely quite a walk, the stairs were steep and if it wasn’t cement it was metal which was quite slippery as well.

When we reached the bottom there were 2 signs, we could either go towards the train a few kilometers away or we could go into the Leura rainforest…I think it goes without saying what direction I wanted to go in. So as we looked around for a bit and enjoyed the moment I started making my way towards the rainforest, Lilly noticed right away and pointed it out but then I asked if she really wanted to try and walk back up those stairs. As we kept walking I was just in aw. It felt amazing to be surrounded by nature, the trees, the birds, the sounds, everything was just breath taking. We kept walking through the rain forest in hopes we would reach the cascades soon, there were plenty of twists and turns but no cascades.

Lilly started getting nervous about the time and the sun going down, I kind of just ignored her, not to be rude but because I wasn’t worried and I knew we’d get out safely regardless. As we kept walking we encountered less and less people, I’m sure not many are up for hikes through a rain forest. We hit a picnic area which had a sign indicating the direction of the Leura cascades so we just continued to follow it.

On the way we hit the margarita cascades, more signs and more people. Once we reached a sign that had one direction indicating the cascades and the other indicating echo point but neither said how many kilometers till we reached it. Lilly wanted to return back to echo point but I knew that after walking so much the trail back to echo point was going to be much longer than that to the cascades. Lilly was stuck in her idea that going back to where we came from was best but luckily we stopped an old man that informed us we were only about 10 minutes from the cascades and that there was an exit that way as well, he also stated going to echo point would take too long.

The rest of the walk included more rainforest paths and a lot more stairs but when we arrived at the cascades they were beautiful, and absolutely worth it. We also find our way out safely before sun down.

The Blue Mountains were absolutely beautiful, it was amazing to have a day to take in the beautiful sights of nature and see a rainforest growing out of concrete and mountains. The two and a half hour trip was definitely worth it and I wish it were summertime here because more daylight would’ve meant seeing more of what the mountains had to offer. There are more cascades, cliffs, stairs, etc. that many people actually travel to The Blue Mountains and stay overnight so they can experience more of it.


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