Museum of Contemporary Art – Sydney

The Museum of Contemporary Art is located on the road of The Rocks so Lilly and I decided to check it out. They had some pretty awesome pieces.

My favorite was one for writing/reading letters of gratitude, forgiveness, etc. the letters were divided into 3 cases and you were to go into each differently, standing, sitting or on the floor. While inside you could read any unsealed letter and write a letter to anyone. If you wanted your letter sent you could put their address on it and seal it. Some of the letters inside were childish and defeating the purpose but others were beautiful to read whether to the general public, a family member, significant other, etc.

After walking around the museum for a bit Lilly and I headed upstairs to have dinner on the deck where we had an amazing view of the harbour bridge and opera house. I loved just sitting there and taking it all in, the fact that this was really my view, that I was really in Sydney, that I had already spent almost 2 weeks in Australia, it was just amazing.

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