AJ Hackett

Apparently, I didn’t think risking my life while trying to scuba dive the day before was exhilarating enough for me; so I decided to spend my last day in Cairns trying bungy jumping. It is something I had been saying I wanted to do for a while so I thought what better place than the only bungy site in all of Australia and the first purpose built bungy tower in the world.

In 1987 AJ Hackett bungy jumped illegally from the Eiffel Tower and introduced the extreme activity to the world. Since then AJ Hackett has several bungy jumping sites throughout the world, the highest being 250 meters in China. The one located in Cairns sits at 50 meters.

As I was climbing up the stairs to the tower my nerves really started kicking in. I had never done something like this before and the idea of just dangling from my feet was wild to me. When I got to the top my nerves weren’t any better but they did tell me there had been no injuries or deaths since the site opened. However, they told me this as they were wrapping a black towel and what looked like a seatbelt around my feet, didn’t feel so secure. Then they asked if I wanted to get dipped in the water and after much debate I said I wouldn’t mind a little bit (maybe just a hand). By far the most nerve wrecking part was trying to slide my toes over the edge. I was so nervous I didn’t think I could do it, I barely even paid attention to the view.

And in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….I jumped! It was exhilarating and then SPLASH, half my body got dunked in the water…so much for a little bit. It was an amazing feeling although still never wrecking at some points when I kept jumping around in the air. When I saw the video of myself afterwards the nerves were written all over my face.

After the bungy jump I did the Minjin Swing (I had purchased a package). The swing takes you from 45 meters in the air to 1 meter in just 3.5 seconds, reaching about 120km/hr. It also involves a self release which means you’re in control. The swing was great as well! The fall after the release is extremely unexpected so you really have no idea what’s coming until you let go. This swing also allows for up to 3 people to swing together, the first jungle swing of its kind.

After doing both activities I felt great, I actually started debating which I wanted to do again. I decided to try the bungy jumping one more time as this time I could choose a level 2 jump. I decided I wanted to try the roof jump, the roof jump involves being strapped only with a body harness and running off the roof into the air. When I got up to the roof and saw it was asks red roof the nerves kicked in again, I thought of how much of a clutz I could be and asked about the possibility of falling off when trying to hop onto the slanted part and get to the top. The worker assured me I wouldn’t fall… Well he was right, I didn’t fall but I banged my knee on the way up, so does that make me the first injury incident on the AJ Hackett site 🤔. Now back to the jump, this time I was a lot less nervous so I was able to enjoy the view, the rainforest, the northern beach and the Great Barrier Reef. Once again the countdown began and once it reached one I ran off the roof. I loved this jump!! It might’ve been because I was less nervous but I enjoyed this jump a lot more than the first, I also think it was the freedom of my feet. The entire experience was so amazing, I’m glad I was able to do it and recommend it to all who have even slightly considered it.

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