As those who have been keeping up with my blog may know this is Matilda. Matilda was the cutest little kangaroo and as you can see from her licking and nibbling on my finger she really did confuse herself for a dog sometimes. Unfortunately, Matilda passed away last Tuesday morning.

As I’ve stated before this is a wildlife trauma centre so usually the animals that have been brought in and are older are being treated for something. Matilda had coccidiosis which is unfortunately quite common in Easter Grey Kangaroos. It is an illness that is extremely difficult to prevent, treat and still has no cure. Coccidians are parasites that can infect the intestinal track of an animal and leads to coccidiosis. Kangaroos are one of many natural host of coccidians, the disease can develop in any aged macropod but is most common in the younger ones.

Trish had been treating Matilda for about 3-4 months when I arrived and she seemed healthier (I actually had no idea what was wrong with her) but unfortunately her passing showed there wasn’t as much progress as Trish (or I) would’ve hoped. The house feels quite empty without Matilda constantly nibbling on my hands and feet while I’m inside. Instances like this that are often times uncontrollable definitely makes working with wildlife difficult, maybe this is why I never looked into it as a career.

Matilda will forever be my favorite macropod. ❤️

(Wrote this a couple weeks ago, passed the Tuesday after I returned from Sydney)


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