Back tracking a bit, the day after the fundraiser I went to Tamborine Mountain National Park. It is located just about 20 minutes from where I’ve been staying. I went with another volunteer Jasmine & the family she was previously volunteering with. 

On our way up we took a quick break at a lookout point with a great view. I’ve started to fall in love with the natural views nature creates. 

Our first stop was at a man made Glow Worm cave. The glow worms have lost a lot of their natural habitat and were dying off, mainly due to tourists coming in and taking photos of them. Glow worms create chandelier like sticky threads and the light they exude attracts prey. When glow worms see light they believe it’s the sun and will turn off their globe and hide which prevents them from getting food; when they turn off their lights it can be from a few seconds to weeks. Thus, the cave was made to protect the glow worms and so no pictures were allowed inside the cave. The cave will begin releasing the glow worms in about 5 years when they’re numbers reach about 10,000 (currently at about 5,000). The light the glow worms exude are quite bright and beautiful to look at. The sticky thread they catch their prey on also look extremely intricate and fascinating. 

We then went on to the Curtis Falls track. We walked through the rainforest and saw another one of Australia’s natural water falls. I was interested in continuing to walk through the rain forest and the people I was with were up to wait for me but it was around 3PM and I hadn’t eaten so I decided it was time for lunch instead. 

After lunch we headed to Gallery Walk, a strip along the park with different stores like markets. I didn’t see too many interesting things here but I was accused of stealing. I was in complete and total shock as it’s something that hadn’t happened to me before and the lady who did it was extremely rude about it, raiding my pockets and not even apologizing when she realized she was wrong. The owner of another store went on to tell me that a lot of women in their young 20s have been caught stealing in the area and that has vendors on edge; I still don’t think this in any way justifies how disgustingly rude she approached the situation. Regardless, I’m a big believer in not letting a single bad incident ruin my perception of a day.

After the Gallery Walk we headed home as the family needed to be home for their feeding before dark (their facility has multiple Kangaroos and wallabies). Overall it was a good day and as I stated earlier the views of nature are just so beautiful.


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