St. Kilda

So after my arrival in Melbourne I made myself a wrap for dinner, had a glass of wine (or two) and decided to go out to St. Kilda where Yadira told me I’d find the only wild penguin colony in an urban area.

The trip over wasn’t too bad, besides missing the first bus when trying to fill my mytr card, it was only about 45 minutes by bus. I wanted to try to make it before sunset because during the sunset is the best time to see the Penguins but unfortunately I was too late. Luckily, I was still able to see some of the little penguins as well as a possum (which my NY instinct and the darkness immediately led me to believe it was an oversized rat). They sounded beautiful and there was a restricted area which you could just hear a larger amount were beyond the fence.

I walked around St. Kilda for a bit, saw a war memorial (I’m serious when I say Australia is FULL of them) but due to the time most places like Luna Park were closed. There were however several nice looking bars and the ambience in each of them looked great, as well as pastry shops with delicious displays but I was too tired to participate in much festivities, especially alone so I headed back and called it a night.

(The last image is the biggest capacity concert hall in Australia)


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