The Power of Sisterhood

About a week before my trip to Melbourne an Alpha Chapter Sister from ‘97 reached out to letting me know she believed a sister lived in Melbourne. She had no idea I was going, nor if this sister was still there but she gave me her contact information anyways.

I reached but honestly had little expectation for even getting a response. To my beautiful surprise she responded rather quickly. Unfortunately it was to inform me that she would be traveling in 2 days and wouldn’t be back until after my departure from Melbourne. It was unfortunate timing I guess.

However, Yadira went on to ask me where I’d be staying and immediately offered her home when I told her I wasn’t sure yet. She provided her address and told me if it were convenient for me she’d be more than happy to leave her key under the mat for me. I was so stunned and as a traveler on a budget I did not hesitate to let her know I’d really appreciate that.

I let her know just hours before her departure and the next message I received was a great list of things I must see to experience Melbourne and directions from her house. I just couldn’t believe that in the midst of her own travels a Sister I hadn’t even met took the time to do this for me.

When I arrived at her house the surprises continued. She left various signs throughout her house to help me navigate as well as a bottle of wine and a friendly note. I felt so welcomed and at home, I could only imagine how it would’ve been with her physical presence.

It’s beautiful to see the everlasting and true connections sisterhood can bring. No matter how many years it’s been, no matter how far apart you may go sisterhood will always go with you. Sold my soul 💚🌻

17 million thanks to Cindy for the connection & Yadira for opening up her home.

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