Why Costa Rica?

When I started my travels going to France, a country in Africa and Australia were always three main goals of mine and once those were accomplished I knew my need for traveling would only grow deeper. It’s gotten to a point where my grandmother says my office is on an airplane haha. But hey, I don’t mind it.

So my response when asked why Costa Rica is why not? There’s so much of the world I still haven’t seen so I’m at a point where I’m open to traveling any and every where. Especially if the flight is inexpensive and I deem under $350 for round trip significantly inexpensive. 😅

Like I know most of my traveling will be capped at 1 or 2 weeks max, I didn’t plan on making another blog to document my adventures (must love the restraints of adulting…) But after getting asked so many different kinds of questions and experiencing quite a few things I’d like to share in just the first few days I thought why not! I’m also writing it in hopes that it can be extremely helpful to someone else planning to explore Costa Rica in the future.

Now if you’re taking the time to read this posts you’re really the greatest and I appreciate you. Also please let me know if there’s any topic you’d like me to speak more (or less) about, I make these blogs not only so I can look back and remember all my great experiences but also to inspire others with a wanderlust heart like myself. If you’d like to follow me on my traveling journey make sure continuously check this blog for new posts or follow me on snapchat @sallyivette


Ask me questions, share your thoughts

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