My First Night

I arrived in Liberia Sunday at around 2pm – a bit nervous as I always am when I take off for a trip. I had called the host of the place I was staying and she arranged a taxi driver to pick me up at the airport. When I arrived he was there waiting with a sign with my name written, the way you see in the movies. His name was Pilar but he liked to go by Pili stating Pilar was a female’s name and we got to know each other rather quickly on the ride to my first host. He suggested some places I should go see and explained a festival that was going on in the town. It was a week long celebration ending with a parade of horses today – I thought this would be a great authentic event to check out so I was really glad to be catching it even if only the last day.

Once I arrived at Marlene’s House (where I was staying my first 2 nights) I quickly changed and headed out to the parade. It was quite a sight with horses EVERYWHERE. Pili had told me horse riding was big in Costa Rica and I immediately noticed he was not exaggerating. The parade went ended around the park where there were several vendors. Of course I went immediately for the food ones and when I found pupusas I had to have some (so yummy). I spent a little more time in the park then watching the horse parade before heading back home.

When I arrived back at Marlene’s we spent a large portion of the night talking, it got dark around 5:30/6pm and I didn’t feel comfortable being out with little lighting especially in an area that didn’t seem to have a heavy ambiance at night. Howeber, I didn’t mind it. I was able to get to know the Costa Rican culture a bit more through Marlene as well as get to know her personally. And to me traveling to another country is nothing if you don’t try to immerse yourself in their culture.

I will be posting about how I choose where I travel, tips and recommendations soon! Stay tuned!


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