Go With the Flow Not With the Plan

Pili insisted I take this pictures

Although I wasn’t able to see el Rincon de La Vieja because it was closed (WARNING to all travelers in Costa Rica – check schedules before heading to national parks, many tend to be closed on Mondays or Sundays) Pili invited me to see another side of Costa Rica.

Pili’s sister and her family own a ranch near Rincon de La Vieja and he planned to go there while I hiked the mountain but like it was closed he invited me to accompany him to his sisters instead, an opportunity to see a typical ranch in Costa Rica.

The ranch was enormous, I could tell that his sister and her family were pretty well off as are many people who own large masses of land in Costa Rica. On one end of the land were the homes of the workers and a drive a little further up was the entrance. Inside there were loads of horses, about 3 dogs, sheep (I didn’t see) and two parrots.

They also grew and sold lots of Aloe Vera among other plants. The Aloe Vera is scrubbed off by workers and sold to local supermarkets, this is how they generate most of their money. The workers care for the land, the animals, produce and some might even help cook – I’m not sure if the majority of ranches are like this as it’s the only experience I had seeing one here.

I will say that about a lot of my experiences when I travel, they tend to be restricted views on the people and experiences I’ve encountered. I never suggest these things to be facts or others that visit the same country to experience the same thing but try to share as much as I can so you may experience the best things I did 🤗

The pictures include “Rio Blanco”, a river you have to drive through to get to the ranch, fruits native to Costa Rica – the green ones taste like a combo of a pear and apple and they grown in their ranch and “fresco” which I quickly noticed is super popular to be offered if you refuse coffee




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