Great Ball Court – The Mayan Ball Game

This court in Chichén Itzá is the largest one that has been discovered, Mayan courts were much smaller in earlier time periods
As you can see the ball must have been rather small to fit through these holes

Although not all details of the game are known the playing field, drawings on the structures and artifacts found have provided many details about how the game was played. Which of course, are always open to different interpretations by those who study Mayan history.

The ball was only touched with the hips, thighs, upper arms and a wooden paddle. The purpose of the game was to get the ball through the hole found on the center of the wall while the elite spectators watched from above. The winners or leader of the winners of the game would be killed in sacrifice and it was believed they’d be moving on to live a better life while losers would be shamed by their people.


Some of the artwork that helped explain the story to those who continue to study the Mayan culture and history
The stairs used by the elite to get on top of the walls to watch the ball game


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