Picturesque Tulum

Temple of the Wind

By the time we arrived to the Tulum archaeological site, located about an hour away from Cobá, it was close to 2PM. We decided to grab lunch quickly and made our way to the entrance.

On the way to the site entrance their are several little shops and a FREE bathroom – there is one where they will try to charge you, don’t be fooled. We stopped at some of the shops so Enjolie could find something she liked. Unfortunately, like I had not gone home the night prior to I was low on cash so didn’t even bother looking around. The plan was to look around the ruins of Tulum – the only ruins by water and then take a dip in the paradise beach.

The ruins site entrance is actually about a 15 min walk from the main entrance where there is parking but you can pay to take a small shuttle to and from the entrance. After finally arriving at the ruins I immediately saw why this is one of the most visited sites in Mexico.

The city of Tulum is the only archeological site facing the Caribbean Sea. Like it is accessible by land and water front it was a center for trade back when inhabited by Mayans and a picturesque wonder today when visited by tourists.

I will let the pictures I upload speak for themselves here -unfortunately we weren’t able to get in the water as Yolanda didn’t realize there was no changing area by the beach and didn’t want to go back upstairs to change. This, of course, didn’t stop me from dipping my feet in and enjoying it even if for just a little while.

Shuttles that take you to and from the archeological site entrance


The Mayan referred to this as Zama meaning “dawn,” the name Tulum, meaning “wall” came from explores in 1841

A massive wall covers Tulum on three sides, one of the few walled cities built by Mayans – it kept out invaders and Mayans of lower ranking classes
Paradise Beach – Tulum is the only Mayan ruins overlooking the sea



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