Diving into El Cristalino

It’s funny – whenever I travel alone people ask how do I do it, how do I find the courage to travel the unknown by myself, take public transit like a local, meet new people, etc. But that’s never the scary part for me, what’s scary are the activities I convince myself to do like bungee jumping, swinging, sky diving, etc (and having strangers record videos like this for me).

And as scary as they may be they’re just as equally or even more thrilling which is what alway


s keeps me going back.

My trip in Mexico was almost over and I couldn’t say I had done anything that exhilarating yet. that yet but before I arrived I had hoped to be able to either drive an ATV for the first time or go diving. So along with their mesmerizing beauty this was one of the reasons I really wanted to check out a sinkhole before leaving. For those who might not know, I just learned to swim about 2-3 years ago and I am no where near an expert so to do this even with a life vest on was extremely nerve wrecking for me. I’m posting the unedited video so you can see my insane amount of hesitation the first time I did it. However, after this video I jumped in another 4 times. The thrill was amazing and in the split second of falling I felt so free.

I must say life vests work a little better than I expected them to but next time I dive I hope I can build the courage to take my life vest off and hopefully that time there’s a lifeguard or expert swimmer nearby. There’s a chance I might just be an adrenaline junkie.


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