Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Mexico was one of my weirdest trips because I didn’t have much of an appetite – I’m not sure the reason why but I just wouldn’t get hungry/want to eat. However, I still forced myself to do it for my health and to be able to try as much of their authentic food in the short time I had.

Besides Cancun having an extremely negative connotation regarding “Spring Breakers” one of the reasons I was hesitant about my trip was because I’ve never been a fan of Mexican food. I was never a fan of avocado, I’ve always found the food too spicy – even when others say it isn’t spicy at all, etc.

Now, let me just say, Mexico proved me wrong time and time again. The food was practically never spicy, instead they provide a handful of different spicy sauces that you can choose to put on your food. I ate avocados or guacamole with just about every meal and every taco, they were fresh and delish.

I ate from several food stands and liked it more than most restaurants – the torta I had from an outside vendor was soooo great, I wish I knew everything that was in it.

Most of the places I ate in were just spots I happened to pass by while wandering but there were several known staples I checked out as well.

Quesadillas Tierra Del Sol: If you find yourself in central Cancun and are a fan of empanadas/pastelitos this is a MUST. And if you love cheese as much as I do just know their slogan is “Nuestro secreto esta en el queso/our secret is in the cheese.” They have the largest variety of empanadas I have ever seen, they’re made fresh and taste delicious. They are fried so of course a bit greasy but worth it. They’re also generously sized, I ordered two expecting them to be much smaller and couldn’t finish both in one sitting. You can also choose from a large variety of natural juices – the bottles are so large, mine lasted all day. The place is quite busy but service is provided quickly – I waited no more than 10 minutes for my empanadas.

Super 15 (Cocina y Tienda): I really wouldn’t recommend this place, it’s a deli with a stove up front – my host had mentioned it to me and it had such a local vibe I was excited to try it. The pot must’ve been very old because it gave an old metal like taste to the eggs which I didn’t even bother to try to finish eating. I had ordered scrambled eggs with black beans which came with tortilla wraps (like just about everything in Mexico) which seemed like a typical Mexican breakfast but I definitely wished I went to a different place to try it out.

Las Quekas: This chain is popular in Mexico for its cheap, quick and tasty eats. The decor inside is also quite interesting focusing on quesadillas and sopes. The colors make it festive and they’re often flooded with locals so I definitely felt the authentic vibes trying this place out. Like many places throughout the parts of Mexico I visited they make the food in front of you without a kitchen in the back or anything like that. There are several Las Quekas throughout Mexico so definitely try it out if it’s in an area you visit.

Street Vendors – Playa Del Carmen: As I mentioned in a previous post, there is a small park on one of the main streets in Playa with various food vendors out all day – I definitely recommend checking them out. They pretty much all sell the same food so I really don’t know what makes people prone to choose one over the other or how their business works in general but I had a Gringas from one of them and it was pretty good, they were not cheap on the meat or cheese. It seems to be a quick spot locals go to either when heading to work or as a late night snack.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Mexican food is great but authentic Mexican food in New York is hard to find. Now that I’m back I’m determined to find a good, genuine Mexican spots in NYC; it’s either that or I’ll be traveling back to Mexico often.

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