Partying Spring Break Style

Now that I’ve written about all my solo experiences traveling Mexico I cannot ignore the fact that I did go during peak spring break dates and experienced the Spring Break environment with several close friends.

To be quite honest – the spring break experience in Cancun is amazing, and I’m not much of a partier, especially when I’m traveling. However, there is always something to do no matter the time of day and you’re surrounded by good vibes at all times. Of course, it is easy to witness or experience being the sloppy drunk person with all the open bars you’re exposed to but as long as you go with a good group of friends you should be in good hands.

I won’t speak too much on pricing here because there are so many different packages for so many different prices, that allow entrance to different clubs, events, etc. The best way to receive packages is to connect with a promoter or website like Cancun After Dark. Although, I also know some folks who didn’t purchase any packages prior to and would just arrive early and pay a low rate at the door. Most packages include shorter lines, a table with bottles and open bar. I will say, if you go the route of paying at the door it is necessary to arrive early because around 10/11 everyone starts lining up and those with VIP packages skip the line which also extends the wait.

I think one of my favorite things about Cancun was the fact that I could get the best of both worlds – the crazy spring breakers and the Mexican locals on any given day just by where I chose to explore. Cancun is definitely more than the spring breakers but I’d be a fool to not mention it as part of my experience there.

My Party Experience:

  1. Grand Oasis Cancun: The people staying at this resort are the definition of spring breakers, and their are always day parties – while walking down the hotel zone strip you’ll know when you’ve reached the back of the Grand Oasis. It is a great place for day parties, I was not staying there so some friends and I purchased a day pass for $90 which provides admittance for the day, food and unlimited drinks. Although it being an all inclusive resort may sound appealing I have heard time and time again that the food is horrible, I also think the hotel overall looks dark and gloomy on the inside.
  2. La Vaquita: This is one of the more casual clubs to go to so perfect for a day you don’t want to dress up. By far the place with the most interesting combination of drinks, the music was also great. The club is fully outdoor with railings instead of walls so if it’s a chilly night I don’t recommend going without a jacket
  3. Dady’Os: This is a good time with the right group of people in my opinion. At one point it felt too overcrowded, there were lingering smells of vomit and a trip to the bathroom could take 20 minutes. However, there is a lot of high energy, cool lights and random smoke/light shows throughout the night
  4. Mandala Beach Club: The indoor pool is fun by itself so the music and vibes are just a plus; literally dress like if you’re going to the beach – a bathing suit, beach coverup and some shorts will do. Be careful with your personal belongings (if you’ve been following – this is where my phone was submerged in water) and I’m sure you’ll have a great time here. And if you have luck like mine and your phone gets submerged in water continue to have a good time because getting upset isn’t going to reverse time or undo anything so just hope for the best.

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