Cancun – Que Chido

All in all, I must say I’m so glad I challenged myself to go on this trip to Cancun.
As I’ve stated, before booking I was skeptical – I didn’t think it’d be a place I could authentically get to know. I honestly couldn’t imagine getting away from the spring breakers and really experiencing that part of the country the way locals do. Nevertheless, in just a short week I was able to enjoy the spring break experience, the historic/touristic attractions and the local atmosphere. 

When reading this blog I hope everyone keeps in mind that the thoughts and suggestions are merely based on my own experience in this small area. I imagine given it’s touristic quality Cancun and it’s surrounding areas are farther advanced than other parts of the country and so I cannot vouche for transportion, food, etc. elsewhere.

However, I recommend for everyone to check out the beauty Quintana Roo has to offer and hope this could impact others who are like me and might’ve previously been hesitant to see what the area had to offer.

Sunset in Cancun – Aloft Rooftop Pool
Ruins of Chichen Itza
My Isla Ride and I
Diving into Cristalino
Coba Ruins – traveling alone means bad angles
Sunkissed Skin & Playa Del Carmen Sunrise
Picturesque Tulum

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