Day 1 – Moomba Beach


As soon as I landed in Aruba I took a taxi to the resort my friends and I were staying in, Caribbean Palm Village. It was a group of 5 of us and I was the last to arrive.

We all got dressed and immediately headed to Moomba Beach. It was a relaxing day to sunbath and take a dip in the water.

As to be expected on a Caribbean island the beaches here clear warm waters and absolutely beautiful. Moomba is a very calm beach with little to no waves but has sections that are deep. Many beach visitors are guests at beachside hotels and take some form of floaty into the water with them to lay on.

This might be a weird thing to opinionize on but the sand on the beach was also wonderful, even when I was inside the water it just felt so soft on my feet.

After watching the sunset my friends and I headed to Pelican Pier where we had  fried calamari, sandwiches with fries and a drink. The fried calamari was pretty tasty but the sandwiches were not very appetizing. There was an extensive drink menu including options with ice cream but they weren’t too strong. Compared to other places we spotted on the beach this was on the less expensive side but not a place I would recommend.

When we were ready to head out we walked over to a poolside bar where we caught a taxi back to the resort.


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