Cruising Around the Island

There is little to no public transportation in Aruba so the main options for transportation are taxis, tour buses or a car rental.

If you like to travel the way I do, making your own itinerary and taking in as many sights as possible, the tour bus probably isn’t something you’d be interested in.

Taxis are easily available throughout the island, my friends and I would go to a local establishment (our resort, a bar, etc.) and ask them to call a taxi whenever we needed one. They would tell us to wait outside and give us a taxi number (which isn’t written anywhere on the taxi) and estimated wait time was never over 5-7 minutes. While I’ve been here I haven’t seen any taxis being hailed on the street or taxis roaming around to hail – they’re also not as easy to identify because only some have “Taxi” LED signs and beyond that they look like regular commuter cars.  Prices tend to range between the $8-$12 unless you’re traveling to and from the airport in which case it ranges from $18-30. Although taxis are not expensive if you’re trying to explore as much of the island as possible the prices do add up. However, the greatest benefit that comes from taking taxis is being able to speak to a local, ask any and all questions and immerse yourself, even if only a little bit, in the culture of the island.

The last, and in my opinion, most cost efficient option is a car rental. After my first day my friends and I decided to rent a car because we thought it would provide the freedom to check out as many places as possible, save money and be most efficient. The island is quite small so having a car enables you to travel its perimeter and absorb all it has to offer. Given everything my friends and I have been able to do so far I definitely think it was worth it and would recommend this route to anyone with their license. Although I know many people are hesitant driving in foreign countries from what we have experienced drivers in Aruba are not reckless and as long as you have a GPS getting around is easy.

Important Notes:

  1. Some places require you to be 26 to rent a car
  2. There are several car rental places including AVIS and Hertz
    • Our car rental was from our resort for $55 a day
  3. The roads are well maintained allowing for smooth rides
  4. There are no policies for drunk driving so being more cautious as night is important
  5. There are no street lights but tons of roundabouts – a cab driver stated there used to be lights but many people would ignore them so they changed the streets in recent years

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