Arikok National Park – Conchi, The Natural Pool

IMG_7834After climbing down Mount Jamanota we wanted to head over to one of the natural pools in Aruba, Conchi. However, it was already past 4PM, we were all very hungry and didn’t think going there close to sunset was the best idea so we saved it for the next day.
Conchi also known as The Natural Pool and Cora di Tortuga is formed by rocks and ancient lava stones which keep it peaceful while the surrounding sea is violent with waves. The pool is in an extremely secluded area that makes you feel as if you’re discovering something special when you arrive (I can only imagine how the first people to discover it felt). Given the secluded nature of the pool it can only be reached on foot, ATV, horse or a 4-Wheeler.

If you plan to walk the trail as my friends and I did (we seemed to be the only ones) the best way is to drive to the Shete entrance and start from there, it is much closer and the path is clearly define. This trail is much easier than the one to Mount Jamanota but it’s the same path 4-Wheelers/ATV’s take so it’s very important to stay alert. Given the lack of shade and length of this trail I recommend packing sunscreen and lots of water, you might also want to take sandals so you can change once you arrive.

At first the path is all terrain and deserts but as you get closer to Conchi you begin to see views of the clear blue water. The way the waves hit the rocks also allow for beautiful pictures, although pictures do no justice to any of these sites in person.

Once you arrive at Conchi you walk down a path of about 30 steps and you’ll be on the sand. Then you’ll have to maneuver just a bit in between the rocks and volcanic stones that enclose the pool to get inside the water. The water feels great but be prepared to spend the time stepping on moss, swimming with fish and seeing crabs all over the rocks – I loved it but I’m sure not everyone would be a fan. There are several sections of different depths: 3 feet, 4 feet and 18 feet which with a large nearby rock is used for diving. Unfortunately, I still don’t feel confident enough in my swimming to dive without a life vest but SOON. Conchi is a main attraction for both tourists and locals so chances of catching it empty are slim but everyone we encountered, tourists and locals alike was very nice just having a good time together.

I recommend leaving the pool at least one hour before sunset because the road down from the entrance is a tricky one, with dirt roads, no light and narrow paths so much safer to travel with sunlight. You can also watch the sunsetting over the National Park – stay tuned for my images of that!




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