The Night Life

The night life in Aruba is definitely a good time – you’ll find Aruban locals along with tourists in many of the main party hubs.

The places we were able to go to all had a good mix of music with different genres. However, just by listening to the music it was evident how Americanized the club scene in Aruba was.

On weekdays the last call for alcohol and closing is around 1AM, on the weekends it’s around 2:45/3am with closing a little bit after 3am. On our last night my friends and I didn’t set an alarm – woke up and still went out arriving around 2AM and you wouldn’t have thought the bars were closing soon with all the vibrant energy.

Pricing was similar to what I often find in uptown Manhattan with mixed drinks between $8-12, beers at $5 and shots between $6-10. Sometimes the drinks didn’t seem very strong but whenever one of my friends said something the bartender added more alcohol. Most places also had hookah available between $20-35, they all used coconut charcoals that lasted most of the night.

After the bars and clubs close people go to The Mill (very well known in Aruba) and party until it closes. On Saturday’s they close at 6AM and charge some people to enter – my friends and I did not pay so I am not sure who exactly or how much. Every other day we went the entrance was free for everyone. There are many interesting things happening at The Mill after hours including prostitutes soliciting their services to men who arrive alone and people partying on wheelchairs.

I wish I could say I had more of an authentic Aruban experience with little to no tourist around but that never worked out. There were two different times where we were suppose to go somewhere more local. However, the first time the spot was closed and the second time it was 3AM and my friends and I were too tired after a day of hiking.

Rounds of Free Drinks

Heard Daily:

  •  Vacaciones
  • Dile que tú me quieres
  • Despacito
  • Lots of Soca

Where I Went:

  • The Sand Bar – outdoor but with a roof at the bar, mostly English music genres, comprised of a bar, lounge area and a dance floor
  • South Beach – outdoor party with a mixture of Spanish and English music
  • Heineken – attached to South Beach but apparently a separate establishment
  • The Mill (last image) – the after party, alcohol available all night and no hookah

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