Bushiribana Ruins Sunrise


img_8108My friends and I wanted to end our time in Aruba the right way so after our last night out we decided to stay up and travel to the Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins to watch the sunrise. 

The taxi ride, $28 one way, was a bit expensive; depending where you are staying it might be better to rent the taxi driver which came out to $50 for the hour.
When we got to the ruins the sun was about to rise – my friends and I (mostly I) started rushing to the top without looking or walking around. We went straight for the rocks and started climbing up just hoping the rocks were sturdy enough to not collapse under our feet.

Unfortunately, it was a cloudy morning and so we just caught glimpses of the sun peering through the clouds every now and then. However, it was a very peaceful experience by the water and I used it as an opportunity to reflect about the trip and what was coming when I’d be returning to the New York.

The ruins themselves are quite small, at least in comparison to those I saw in Mexico. It is still incredible to think that these structures were made so many years ago by hand before all of the technological advances we take for granted today were even an idea.

After watching the sunrise and taking photos (of course) my friends and I started looking for an easier way down – turns out there was a trail that at most had a small hill. I’m still glad we climbed the rocks but it was hilarious to see it was completely unnecessary 😂




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