Not All Experiences Are Good Experiences

The night my friends and I tried going to the local bar at turned out to be closed we saw something I know we all wished we hadn’t. We had parked in somewhat of an alley way and when we got back into the car one of my friends noticed a man in the distance. As we were deciding where we would be going next my friend noticed the man begin to masturbate. As anyone can imagine this was disturbing to see and we attempted honking at him and everything but the man could not care less.

When I have encounters like these during my travels I am hesitant to write about them because I never want it to be the only thing others remember when they are looking into a country. However, I was challenged by a reader to go beyond what readers may need to know and given that it was part of my experience I thought I should share. I think things like this (unfortunately) happen everywhere whether in your hometown or abroad, it is most important to handle it as may be best in that moment remember your safety is most important.

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