A Night Out

After our excursion the tour guides invited us out to a place where we would receive a discounted meal through Jungle Tours. One difficulty with traveling alone is going out at night alone but I had made good company with someone on the tour who was also traveling alone and we decided to go together.

Only about 5/6 others took the tour guides up on the offer so we got a table and sat together. The place was slightly less touristic than everything else on the main strip and the food wasn’t bad. I had a typical combination known as casado: chicken, refried beans, yellow plantains and a side salad with carrots and cabbage, my new friend had the same combination but with fish.

As I’m sure anyone can guess I took this as a great opportunity to learn more about Costa Rica from locals, not just locals but those who love the country so much they make a living off of showing it to others. We spoke a lot about the night life and how La Fortuna is more lively given the heavy tourism. One of the tour guides also made sure I had a flavor of Costa Rica got me several drinks popular in the country and explained what each of them were.

We stayed at the bar for a bit but after such a long hike through the rain forest I was exhausted and also trying to figure how these tour guides do this 3-4 times a week with no complaints. My friend and I were ready to go and the two tour guides escorted us home.

Casado de Pollo (literal translation: Marriage of Chicken)
Chili Guaro – tasted like a shot of spicy tomato soup
featuring their very popular Imperial Beer

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