La Fortuna Waterfall

The next morning I met with the girl I befriended during the hike to head to the waterfalls of La Fortuna which opened at 8AM.

My host had informed me that taking a taxi there could be pricy so we decided to walk., before heading out we stopped at a local bakery for some breakfast. As we walked out of the bakery we met a stray dog who would end up walking the majority of the trip with us.

The walk is easy to navigate because most of it is straight along the same road of the waterfall entrance. So, if you are planning to visit the waterfalls and have an ample amount of time walking is plausible. However, if the sun is glaring or you’re trying to jam pack as much as possible into one day I’d recommend paying for a taxi.

Only considering distance I underestimated how long the walk would be and was unable to do a chocolate tour I was hoping to do, however, I did hear great things so check it out if you can. I didn’t know most of the path would be an uphill battle so there’s a chance I started walking like a snail every now and then. There are no turns on the road because its surrounded by private properties on both side with plenty of cows, goats, horses. I was surprised the souvenir shops were few and far between.

After paying the entrance there is another walking path within the park to the main waterfall. Along the way there are several flights of stairs that reminded me tremendously of the stairs found along hikes in the Blue Mountains of Australia. The waterfall park had just opened when we arrived so we were able to enjoy it for a bit by ourselves.

We planned to swim next to the waterfall, however, the current was too strong and the area by the waterfall was closed. We had to swim behind a border of rocks; even there current was pushing us so I could only imagine how strong it was right by the waterfall.

When we first dipped in the water it was freezing, probably because the waterfall is located in an opening of trees so there is little sunlight and it was still early morning, or maybe it has to do with the fact that it was winter time in Costa Rica. The water is very clear and shallow, there are also several large rocks along the ground that you can sit on to relax. While we were there we saw an older couple – the husband being his wife’s photographer. That old lady posed for every picture with so much poise, she must’ve in one life been a model and her husband just kept snapping away. I hope to one day have confidence like hers and patience like his.

We relaxed here for about an hour or two before we decided to start heading back. Once we reached the main road my friend headed home and I went to try and grab a quick bite. I needed to arrive in San Carlos that afternoon and had a bus to catch at 11:30AM.

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