Blue and Yellow Macaw

The Blue and Yellow Macaw is found in Panama and Colombia through South-Central Brazil.

So how did two end up in Proyecto Asis’ care?

The status of all macaws in the world are of concern and those that haven’t been extinct are on the endangered list. Large numbers are illegally trapped for trade, have their wings clipped and are then exported to places like the US to sell as pets. When people realize how loud they can be they try

It seems these two were brought to Costa Rica for similar reasons – one of them escaped from an enclosure and having no awareness to the area landed on an electrical transmission line that shocked him and hurt it’s wing. The other escaped from a restaurant, having had its wings clipped it could not fly and was hit by a car. Neither of them will ever be able to fly and so will live the remainder of their lives at Proyecto Asis.


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