Hybrid Macaw

During my time at Proyecto Asis I fell in love with macaws and I learned that their vibrant unique colors often leads to so much mistreatment, I don’t even know where to begin.

Costa Rica has two different types of Macaws: The Great Green Macaw and the Scarlet Macaw. They are found on different sides of the country and would never be found intermingling (might remind you of the movie Rio) especially not mating.

Like nature couldn’t provide a mix of the Scarlet (red, yellow and blue) and Great Green Macaw someone decided they’d make one with science, which you see pictured below.

And what does that mean for this macaw?

  • It must live it’s entire life in captivity: like it is not a Great Green or Scarlet Macaw neither clan would accept the bird as one of their own
  • Shorter life expectancy: this macaw will likely encounter health problems never seen in macaws before given the mix
  • Lonely: Macaws mate with one partner for their entire lives, when there partner dies they tend to die shortly after, like there is no other macaw like this one it will never have a mating partner
This Scarlet macaw (right) seems to get along with the hybrid (left) but will be removed to be released into the wilderness and find an appropriate mate



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