Proyecto Asis Wildlife Rescue Center

IMG_4023I’ll keep this short and sweet because the pictures and captions I’ll be posting soon after will speak for themselves.

Proyecto Asis is an organization that offers volunteer and culture immersion programs in the Arenal area of Costa Rica. I learned about the opportunity through a friend who’d participated in the past and contacted the program for more information. I was quite hesitant about participating at first because when I travel I often find inexpensive alternatives to the things I want to see/do and at $133 for one night and $119 per night otherwise it seemed expensive. However, I hadn’t seen many of the native animals I’d hope to see in the country yet and I absolutely love volunteering so I was able to talk myself into it before it was too late.

The experience included home stay for the night with breakfast, lunch, dinner and several snacks made by the family, transportation to and from Proyecto Asis, a tour of the site and volunteer work.

I loved spending time with and helping the animals. I was able to learn about reasons for their mistreatment, how the shelter works to protect them and what I can do to have a positive impact. Although quite heartbreaking to see some of the animals in the condition they arrive to the clinic it is great to see their progress and how lovingly everyone at the clinic treats them.

If you have the budget and the time I definitely recommend including volunteer work into your itinerary; for more information about Proyecto Asis click here.


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