Save the Macaws

Facts about Scarlet Macaws (& more reasons why they’re endangered):

  • They are one of the most intelligent bird species – their ability to learn tricks and mimic is why they are often desired as a pet and placed in bird shows
  • Can outlive humans – if you own one as a pet they will consider you their mate, you pass away the macaw will die shortly after having lost it’s lifelong mate
  • Very loud – people don’t realize this when they buy one as a pet, then become easily annoyed and want to get rid of the bird
  • Their feathers blend in the rain forest – their bright colors is what attracts humans


This is something I have become extremely passionate about and can write about for days so to condense for my readers has been hard but necessary. I hope these last several posts were enlightening and make people think twice before going to places that allow pictures with macaws or sell them as pets.  Please feel free to reach out in the comment section if you have any thoughts or would like more information.



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