Desfiles – Parades

After my time in Costa Rica I realized Pilli, my cab driver in Liberia, wasn’t kidding when he said there is always a parade happening somewhere in the country.

When I left the markets in San José it was around 8pm and dark out. As I walked to the bus stop I noticed baracades in the streets, no cars passing and large crowds emerging. I immediately realized two things 1. I’d have to figure out where the bus was now running through 2. I’d figure it out after staying to learn what was happening.

It took very little time to realize this was another parade, the crowd was HUGE and just kept growing. It was at least 10 blocks long and there wasn’t any open space that wasn’t crowded on both sides of the street. There were people walking around selling stools for people, mostly children and the elderly, to stand or sit on. There were also several food vendors a bit on the outskirts with different finger foods. As the markets closed many of the vendors also walked over to this parade – it was evident that it was a big deal in the area.

The parade itself was extremely lively. There were tons of dance and musical performances, people in costumes, they really went all out. It was surprising to me to see a parade happening late at night rather than through the day but the turn out was spectacular. I stayed and watched the parade for about an hour or two and then decided to try to find where the bus was being rerouted. It was getting late, I was exhausted, my phone was close to dead and I was suppose to meet with my host to go out that night.

It took me about 15-20 minutes maneuvering through the crowd and asking police officers before I was able to find the bus stop and started heading back to Alajuela.

Lesson of the day: when there are large crowds emerging stay with them, something great is probably coming

Unfortunately, after a jam packed day my phone batter didn’t last and I lost all the videos I did have from the parade so these pictures are all I have left to show for it

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