Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, the Tico Way

The food in Costa Rica was great, it reminded me a lot of food from my culture (the Dominican Republic) but with different names. I might also be extremely biased because I absolutely LOVE sweet (yellow) plantains and this country has an insane abundance.

Their breakfast tends to be on the heavier side with rice & beans, eggs, plantains and sometimes different choices of meat as well as fruit on the side. However, Ticos are very conscious of portion sizes and on most occasions even your rice is in the shape of the serving bowl.

I asked my first host “mom” for a list of dishes that were very popular in the country and I should try to have before my departure. Below is her list with some of my add-ons and thoughts.

  1. Casado (literal translation “married man”) – the mix of rice, black beans, plantains, salad, a tortilla and a possible entree of either fish, pork, chicken, beef, etc.
  2. Gallo Pinto – the rice and bean combination usually had for breakfast, very similar to Dominican morro
  3. Tacos – Tico tacos are rolled in dough and deep fried, one is big enough to be quite filling but they are a bit too greasy for my liking, you can also getMexican style tacos in many places
  4. La Olla de Carne – the Tico version of a beef stew – reminds of a Sancocho from the Dominican Republic, like it was “winter” in Costa Rica they had it available for lunch in many restaurants in Alajuela
  5. Los Vigorones – seems to be more popular in Costa Rica but I was not able to try it

Different Typical Breakfasts

Tacos Ticos

Olla De CarneIMG_4234



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