A Hummingbird’s Home

From the people, the tourist attractions, the animals, the waterfalls and the mountainous landscape, Costa Rica is a beautiful place and was such an amazing experience for me.

I was only able to spend 10 days in the country making it one of my shortest international trips to date. It was an unfriendly reminder how a full time job with a specific amount of vacation time would prove to be difficult for someone who enjoys traveling as much as I do. However, for the time being working is what funds my travels so this will teach me how to make the most of every trip no matter how long.

I came to several realizations in Costa Rica:

  1. It’s time to start traveling and experiencing the world with loved ones. Although I absolutely LOVE solo traveling and have learned and grown so much from every solo trip I’ve taken I also want to learn and grow with those close to me. (Don’t worry there will still be a post about solo travel coming soon)
  2. I really enjoy writing in this travel blog and I want to continue to expand it – my own domain, an Instagram account (@ChasingSunsetsAbroad), etc. I hope it can serve as an inspiration to those who want to get out there and travel as well as a guide to help people who are planning a trip soon
  3. I need to get better at taking selfies when I do travel alone (an assortment below for your entertainment)
  4. And last but most certainly not least I’ll never be done traveling, there is so much to see in this world and so many people to meet I’ll never reach a point where I’ll stop wanting more

I couldn’t have asked for a better trip to close out 2016 and I’m excited to continue seeing what 2017 has to offer.

Make sure to read about the trip that followed this: Quintana Roo, Mexico


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