Let’s Get Those Flight Deals

Coming from a lower income family people often times find it hard to believe that I have been able to travel . So many times I get asked how I do it and my answer comes in two parts: first off, its all about the flight deals and secondly my motto is to book flights now and worry about the rest later.

People always want to know how to find the best deals when booking flights and below I’ve outlined my best practices! I hope this is helpful for you and if you want specific help booking flights or have any questions please reach out to me!

  1. Subscribe, Subscribe, Subscribe: There are several different sites that provide daily flight deals with details on how to book and sample dates. Below are the ones I currently follow but I will warn you, if you’re as impulsive as I am you might find yourself with 3 flights booked at any given time
    • Scott Cheap Flights – helped me book JFK-GRU (Brazil) for $482 roundtrip and the information is well organized
    • SuzzsTravel – helped me book Labor Day weekend JFK-PR (rare to find deals near holidays), follow the Instagram and watch the story daily!
    • Secret Flying – you choose which departure country you want info about
    • The Flight Deal – lists all deals before providing details so you can jump to what interests you
  2. Did I mention subscribe?  I also recommend subscribing to your preferred airlines – they have tons of flash sales and their first form of communication is via email!
  3. Flexibility is Key: The more flexible you can be the cheaper the flight to any given country. Think about location, date, time and duration of the flight – the more categories you can be flexible in the better the deal!
  4. Skiplagged: The idea behind this app/site is to find hidden flights on planes with planned layovers, if you aren’t flying to the final destination you can get a reduced flight but the catch is you can only take carry-on luggage.
  5. Browse Incognito: When you want to stalk any destination or date make sure to switch your browser to private – the more people/times a company sees flights being looked the less likely prices will drop
  6. I Think You Need a New Best Friend: I absolutely LOVE Google Flights – you choose your departure location and see different prices for different dates throughout the year, it also allows you to track flights and explore the best location options if you have specific dates of travel
  7. Let Others Stalk For You: Google Flights (seriously make it your BFF) and other sites like Expedia track flights for you and send emails whenever the price hikes or drops, definitely take advantage of this when your date/location is specific! I used this to help a friend book two flights, JFK-CTG & MDE-JFK for under $500 with no baggage fee and only one stop
  8. “You’ve Gotta Be Quicker Than That”: Flight prices really fluctuate, only a certain number of tickets become available at any given price so if you think you found a good one it is important to act quickly – those Colombia flights I just spoke about, in less than an hour when I tried booking my own the return had doubled in price!
  9. Oh No! Not the Holidays: There are several common holidays and airlines are aware that people get these days off so prices during this time hike – if you have to book during the holidays to make the most of the vacation time you’re allowed at work make sure to plan and book early – it’s very rare to see any price drop as the holiday gets closer. If you’re lucky enough to be flexible here, right before and right after holidays tend to be the cheapest times to fly
  10. No Need to Return: Sometimes the best deals come from purchasing two different one way flights and buying the return at a later time – I try to avoid this because it can get complicated if anything happens with your first flight and you book with different airlines but sometimes the deal is worth the risk
  11. Multi-city: Roundtrip flights to cities near your desired destination might be cheaper than where you want to go – however, once you’re in a country flying city to city can be very cheap, you can fly to the least expensive city spend a day there and then fly out to your desired destination – it’s also a great opportunity to see more of what a country has to offer!
  12. Do Your Research: I always need to make sure I really am getting a good deal so I tend to use Google Flights (BFF!!) to look at other dates, see the average prices for flights and the lowest ones available – screenshots below to help visualize.

Did I miss anything? If you have any tricks you use to book flight deals that I didn’t mention above, let me know I’d love to add to this!

Thank you all for reading and I hope you found these tips helpful! One of my main goals with this blog is to inspire others and let everyone know that travel is possible regardless of circumstances so I will be posting more tips on general travel throughout the summer so please reach out to me if there is anything travel related you’d like to know more about!

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 1.52.12 AM
Green = Cheapest Price in Time Frame
Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 1.52.48 AM
Price Tracking & Best Flights
Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 1.54.40 AM
Explore Option

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