Consider This Before You Book Your Flight …

The sunset I witnessed during my last flight into NYC 😍

Hi everyone! After telling you all the tricks I use to book those cheap flights we all love its time to share important items to consider when you’re getting ready to book!

Below I’ve outlined some important but often overlooked items to consider when planning and booking your flight:

  1. Passport: Most countries require your passport to be valid for 6 months out from your time of departure, if your passport is reaching close to this mark make sure to research your destination and their specific requirements
  2. Airline policies:
    • Baggage fees and measurements vary from one airline to another – make sure to look into this so you don’t get hit with additional surprise fees at the airport
    • When booking a longer flight you might also want to look into amenities (snacks, wifi, movies, etc.)
  3. Booking one-way tickets with different airlines: this can be risky and can lead to shorter trips because, if there are delays or cancellations occur because of things like weather the airline you’re returning with is likely to accommodate changes
  4. Be flexible: Unfortunately, delays happen very often, it’s better to plan as if you’re expecting one – this is ESPECIALLY important when the area you’re traveling to/from has severe weather conditions
  5. Travel Insurance: Like myself, I’m sure many people skip this part when booking, however, it is a good investment during snowier months or hurricane seasons
  6. Extra Expenses: Some countries require specific immunization, Visas, health insurance, etc. it is VERY important to look into all of these before booking because they do add up
  7. Layovers: we all prefer to fly nonstop but quite often a layover makes the trip significantly less expensive – the best rule of thumb is to make sure your layover is at least 1hr30min, giving you enough time if there are any delays or if you have to switch terminals between flights
  8. The Airport:
    • Size: this determines how much time in advance you should arrive at the airport or if more time should be allocated in-between flights – some airports require air trains, shuttle buses, etc. that add to travel time
    • Traffic: research when the airport is busiest to determine how long checking in could take – for the majority, late night flights tend to mean empty airports while early morning ones mean long lines
    • The area: some cities will have multiple airports and one will be significantly cheaper to fly to/from, make sure you research how far it is from the areas you want to visit and cost of ground transportation, if you just pay attention the the attractive flight price other items can easily add up
    • If it is an airport you’ve never traveled from before arrive early to avoid any surprises
  9. Pick-up: if you’ve arranged for someone to pick you up from the airport give them your flight number so they can see information regarding gate changes, flight delays or early arrivals. Also make sure they have a flexible schedule because like I said delays cannot be predicted.

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