This Blog’s Purpose

IMG_0951To be honest I’m not quite sure yet what it is, at least not all it is.

When I first started my blog it was just for my family and friends, it was a way to tell everyone about my experience at the same time and not have to answer the same questions over and over. As time passed and the travels continued I realized how much I enjoyed writing about my travels. I thought about sharing my experiences on a much larger scale but kept finding excuses and hesitating – who’d be interested? What do I know about blogging? Am I even a good enough writer? etc.

So I decided to continue to blog for family and friends and answer questions individually whenever I was asked. I quickly began to realize so many people had the same questions, the same reservations and the same hopes. I began to think, if this is just the people within the circles I know imagine how many others might feel discouraged because of finances, traveling alone, not knowing how to plan, etc. and in that moment I knew I needed to do this for others out there who want to see the world and don’t know how to start.

And so, with the encouragement of loved ones and my love and knowledge for traveling I began changing the tone of my blog to create a place where others could come to learn more about traveling and how they can do it too. As someone who comes from a low income family I also want to show people how inexpensive travel can really be; I believe we can all master traveling on a budget! I hope my blog can also provide specific advice on the places I’ve seen and things I’ve done amongst so many other things.

I want to encourage people to hike through rain forests, immerse themselves in foreign culture, volunteer in new places, travel alone, travel with friends, travel with family, just travel and experience the world.

I’ve just started this journey and these are just some of my preliminary goals that will continue to evolve but I am so excited to see where this and the support from all my readers will take me!

I have so much in the works this summer and cannot wait to share and get your feedback. If there are any specific travel related topics you’d like to learn more about please leave a comment below! Also make sure to follow my Instagram account (@ChasingSunsetsAbroad) where I will be posting some of my best shots as well as awesome things to do in NYC!


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