Puerto Rico, My Heart is Yours

Day 1: Isla Verde

I really needed to give myself time before I could start writing about my experience in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico was a place I had wanted to visit for 3+ years but life always got in the way. When I finally purchased my ticket, got on the flight and landed it felt surreal and although my trip did not go as planned, I loved every minute of it.

I took the time to think about what I could even say at this point – what could I possibly say about Puerto Rico in a time where the island is going through one of its worst natural disasters in history? I wanted to share my overall experience, how beautiful the island was and the things I did, but how could I do that without knowing if any of the small businesses I supported are still open, the sites I visited are still intact, or the people I encountered are alright, etc.

I can’t. Therefore, my posts about Puerto Rico will be a lot different than most of my blog content. I will still lay open how amazing my experience was and the culture I immersed myself in, because how could I not. I will present some of the most beautiful parts of the island I encountered knowing that although those areas might have been destroyed, Puerto Rico will rise stronger and the island to be more beautiful than what I have to show. I will also share tips for preparing for hurricanes as a traveler, the Hurricane Irma impact and provide insight (based on my personal research) on the best ways to help the island make strides for a better tomorrow.

Having been there during Hurricane Irma, right before Hurricane Maria and now seeing from a distance all the damage these natural disasters have done on the island has been emotionally draining; I can’t even begin to imagine what this feels like for those living on the island or with family and homes there. Writing about this will be tough, but I am up for the challenge. I feel so invested in the island and distraught that I can’t do more to help in this time of need but I hope with these posts people can learn, grow and dedicate to give with me.

Ask me questions, share your thoughts

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