(Not So) Violent Medellín

fullsizeoutput_75c4Often times, Medellín is illustrated as a very dangerous and violent place, so much so, that when I told one of my Colombian friends I was going he shared with me how happy it makes him when people visit his country and make their own conclusions about it rather than being solely influenced by the media coverage.

This violent and dangerous portrayal dates back to when the city was the capital of the world’s cocaine business under the surveillance of Pablo Escobar, one of the world’s largest drug-traffickers. During this time gun battles were common and city homicide rates were amongst the highest in the world; with statics like these it has been difficult for the city to free itself of this stigma even 20+ years after Pablo Escobar’s death.

However, with just three days in Medellín I learned that it has so much more to offer than the story of Pablo Escobar and that it is not nearly as dangerous as the media conveys; it might not be the safest place to visit but not the most dangerous either.

In my opinion, the city’s drive to be more than it’s drug-trafficking history will continue to make it one of the quickest developing cities in Latin America.

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