Chasing Sunsets Abroad

And of course – no trip would be complete without the beauty of a sunset


Just Keep Swimming


I spent most of my time in a bathing suit


Jetsking was so great we did twice! I was astonished when I came back to the US and found out this can cost $100+ when we negotiated for almost an hour under $50 – definitely recommend doing this in small islands like this rather than through organized companies


Given that I was staying at an all inclusive resort I didn’t get much of the cultural food – this is as close as I got to that

My first time canoeing – just look at the blue sky and clear water, it was quite peaceful

When I went to Antigua I didn’t create a blog like I do for most places – it was a short trip and I stayed at an all inclusive hotel which is very different than how I usually travel. Nonetheless, I took tons of pictures/videos and will be posting several with a little background

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