Cancun – Que Chido

All in all, I must say I’m so glad I challenged myself to go on this trip to Cancun.
As I’ve stated, before booking I was skeptical – I didn’t think it’d be a place I could authentically get to know. I honestly couldn’t imagine getting away from the spring breakers and really experiencing that part of the country the way locals do. Nevertheless, in just a short week I was able to enjoy the spring break experience, the historic/touristic attractions and the local atmosphere.  Continue reading “Cancun – Que Chido”

Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Mexico was one of my weirdest trips because I didn’t have much of an appetite – I’m not sure the reason why but I just wouldn’t get hungry/want to eat. However, I still forced myself to do it for my health and to be able to try as much of their authentic food in the short time I had. Continue reading “Authentic Mexican Cuisine”

Diving into El Cristalino

It’s funny – whenever I travel alone people ask how do I do it, how do I find the courage to travel the unknown by myself, take public transit like a local, meet new people, etc. But that’s never the scary part for me, what’s scary are the activities I convince myself to do like bungee jumping, swinging, sky diving, etc (and having strangers record videos like this for me).

Continue reading “Diving into El Cristalino”

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