Well … I have one thing to say, if Isla Mujeres didn’t make me an expert bike rider nothing ever will. Continue reading “Isla Mujeres – My Ride”



Woke up early on my last day here to watch the sunrise over the beach, what a beautiful sight

(More pictures to come when I have better wifi)

Street Lights…

…are very rare in the streets of Cancun – you just start crossing and hope the cars coming slow down or stop for you to get across. Given how often I J-Walk back in NYC I can definitely get used to this. 

Rough Start

Last night when I went out someone took me with them into the pool and my phone got completely submerged in water. In turn, my speakers don’t work and so I missed my alarm for the trip I paid to go to Isla de la Mujeres this morning. I think calling all this a rough start to this trip is an understatement. However, one thing I’ve learned while traveling is not to dwell on the things that can’t be changed – I’ll just make sure the rest of the trip makes up for these mishaps. 

Besides, with a view like this how upset can I really be. 

Next Stop: Cancún

Excited to say I just booked my flight to go to Cancun in mid-March. I’ve never been very attracted to Cancun like it’s mainly known for Spring Break partying and that’s not my scene. However, two of my best friends are going and I thought it would be a great opportunity to experience traveling with them. I know they’ll be doing a lot of the partying so sometimes I will be venturing off on my own but it’s the first step in making 2017 the year I travel with family and friends.

Stay tuned for what’s to come!

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