Chilean Food Diary

Things to note:

  • Empanadas are everywhere
  • Typically they only use salt to season (especially during BBQs)tumblr_niq4i8xqdt1u68674o6_1280.jpg
  • Fresh fruits are always offered
  • The first plate was delicious (wish I couldn’t remember the name of) was one of the best, my host mom was a great cook and always had us try different Chilean meals
  • It is typical to be served rice AND fries (weird)
  • Their juice is extremely sugary – you can water it down and not lose the flavor
  • It isn’t typical to drink water with your meal, fresh juices only
  • Meals are much cheaper
  • Guacamole is popular – even the McDonald’s menu includes options with guac
  • I often forgot to photograph my food for the blog and memories

My last night out was a great night out and this picture is all I have to show for it.

January 15, 2015

Today I had a great dinner with my host family accompanied by boxed wine out of a melon (so delicious). My host parent’s daughter came over with her husband and son, we were able to all converse about many different topics and really get to know each other. It was great to see a Chilean family in an environment they felt so comfortable in and they definitely made me feel like a part of the family myself. They were so excited we got to meet their daughter before our departure and it was so touching how much they always cared about making us feel at home. The meal was great but I didn’t photograph that with fear they might judge me or think I’m weird for taking pictures of my food…by the time the melon came out I felt a lot more comfortable with them so taking a picture wasn’t a problem (I even mentioned why I didn’t take a picture of the food and they all laughed). Dinner today really made me realize how quickly I connected to my host family and how much I will truly miss them. They were amazing in every way possible and I know they have had an immense impact on my experience here in Chile. I am grateful for all they have done for me, look out for the post I plan to dedicate to them.

El Museo de la Memoria y Los Derechos Humanos

This museum was made to shed light on the crimes committed during the Pinochet dictatorship between 1973-1990 and provides factual evidence of the occurrences during this time so that these events are never again repeated. It was inaugurated January 2010 and honors the victims of the dictatorship and their family members in an attempt to reunify the country. There are different objects, documents and archives in the museum that help tell the story. 

When going to the museum it is important to dedicate a lot of time to it. Unfortunately, when we went we did not have enough time to really look at every video, listen to every recording, etc. to have a full grasp of everything but we had a great guide who was very knowledgeable and made sure to touch base on every important fact. 

Pictures are not allowed inside the museum so I cannot share any with you but it is something I highly recommend anyone visiting Chile to attend to. The place is rich in history and it was very interesting for me personally to see evidence dealing with things I had learned a lot about in my Chilean History and Culture course. 

Learn more about this amazing museum:

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