Chilean Food Diary

Things to note:

  • Empanadas are everywhere
  • Typically they only use salt to season (especially during BBQs)tumblr_niq4i8xqdt1u68674o6_1280.jpg
  • Fresh fruits are always offered
  • The first plate was delicious (wish I couldn’t remember the name of) was one of the best, my host mom was a great cook and always had us try different Chilean meals
  • It is typical to be served rice AND fries (weird)
  • Their juice is extremely sugary – you can water it down and not lose the flavor
  • It isn’t typical to drink water with your meal, fresh juices only
  • Meals are much cheaper
  • Guacamole is popular – even the McDonald’s menu includes options with guac
  • I often forgot to photograph my food for the blog and memories


I think I must mention that when I started writing this entry I was typing in Spanish and had to translate it all. Sopaipillas are very common here in Santiago, you will usually find someone selling it outside with empanadas as well. It is a type of Chilean “bread” made of pumpkin and flour and fried. They serve them with different toppings like guacamole, ketchup, pebre and they’re only 100 pesos (equivalent to about 15 cents!)

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