Lekk Naa Bu Bahh – I ate very well

I think my best meals came from restaurants, but I know that was because I could be picky about what I ate and could make sure to avoid all things spicy. Continue reading “Lekk Naa Bu Bahh – I ate very well”


Because who knows when I would’ve had the opportunity to experience a Senegalese concert again! The vibe was great and made me wish I understand more Wolof!


And to think that right up these stairs, above the Africans who were being tortured and separated from their families lived Europeans without any stress is probably one of the most heartbreaking part of the story.

The men in the house would often go downstairs drunk enter the cell of the young girls and rape them, if they were to have a child they would then throw them away because they were no longer as valuable as the young virgins were.

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