Costa Rican Chicken Empanada

Chilean Food Diary

Things to note:

  • Empanadas are everywhere
  • Typically they only use salt to season (especially during BBQs)tumblr_niq4i8xqdt1u68674o6_1280.jpg
  • Fresh fruits are always offered
  • The first plate was delicious (wish I couldn’t remember the name of) was one of the best, my host mom was a great cook and always had us try different Chilean meals
  • It is typical to be served rice AND fries (weird)
  • Their juice is extremely sugary – you can water it down and not lose the flavor
  • It isn’t typical to drink water with your meal, fresh juices only
  • Meals are much cheaper
  • Guacamole is popular – even the McDonald’s menu includes options with guac
  • I often forgot to photograph my food for the blog and memories

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